What is the Function of the Church?

The Bible clearly reveals the purpose of the local church through precept as well as example in the New Testament. As members of the church, the body of Christ, we need to understand what God desires concerning the purpose and ministry of the church. To fail to understand this has led many local churches into programs and practices that are not in accordance with the Word of God. We find from the Bible four basic purposes for the church today. Continue Reading “What is the Function of the Church?”

The True Test of a Pastor

Currently, I am preaching through Ephesians in our Wednesday night services. This morning I read a great quote while doing a little reading on the chapter I am preaching from over the last month or so (ch. 4):

a minister may fill his pews, his communion roll, the mouths of the public, but what that minister is on his knees in secret before God Almighty, that he is and no more. – John Owen

quoted in The Ephesian Church, p. 64 of the pdf available here: http://www.febc.edu.sg/assets/pdfs/febc_press/The%20Ephesian%20Church.pdf

May God help me to be much on my knees before God!