Not Ready to Commit to Christ

I know that eating healthy and exercising regularly are important. I’ve read about it, listened to others discuss it, even browsed some statistics. I don’t doubt it. I know I should do it – the benefits are enormous. I could make the time to exercise. I could watch what I eat. I’ve probably got more reason than others to take the plunge. But there is one problem – I am not willing to commit to actually doing it.

Just because I believe in health facts does not mean that I am a heathly person.

In evangelizing, I have encountered many who know the basic facts of Christianity. However, the vast majority of these showed no signs of actually being born again. It’s not enough to know the facts or even believe the facts. Every person has to be willing to actually yield to Christ and rely on His work on the cross to save them.

Tragically, many know the facts, understand the benefits and consequences; yet they will die in their sins because of an unwillingness to yield to Christ and rely on Him for salvation. The devils believe and wisely fear because they understand the consequences of their rebellion.

Just because a person believes in Christian truths does not mean that person is a Christian.

Let’s be clear in evangelizing: don’t settle for having someone agree with you on a few facts, and then pronounce them saved. Salvation is not just a matter of the mind. It is also a matter of the heart and the will. Look for evidences of repentance & faith – like a feeling of guilt over sin, a desire to be rid of it, a hopelessness without Christ, etc.

Published by Jack Lamb

I'm amazed by God's grace. Lindsay and I were married in 2001 and we are blessed with four children. I've been in ministry since 2001. Prior to starting Anchor Baptist Church in 2014, it was my joy replant the First Baptist Church in Miami, Arizona.

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